Radial Tunnel Syndrome: What You Need To Know

What is Radial Tunnel Syndrome?

Radial tunnel syndrome is a painful condition caused by the radial nerve entrapment in the radial tunnel. The Radial nerve starts in the armpit, travels down the arm and forearm, controls muscle movements, and supplies overlying skin. The radial tunnel in your elbow is formed between muscle and the bone below the elbow. While passing through this tunnel, increased pressure on the radial nerve leads to pain in the top and back of the forearm. Symptoms may also occur at the back of the hand or wrist.

What are the causes of Radial Tunnel Syndrome?

The compression of the radial nerve may be due to:

People with certain occupations are at increased risk of developing radial tunnel syndrome.

What are the symptoms of Radial Tunnel Syndrome?

In radial tunnel syndrome, you may experience the following symptoms:

How to make a diagnosis of Radial Tunnel Syndrome?

Your doctor will make the diagnosis based on the following:

What is the prognosis of Radial Tunnel Syndrome?

For most patients with radial tunnel syndrome, rest combined with physical therapy and medications will relieve symptoms. It may take less than a month for your forearm to be pain-free. But if these treatments don’t work for you, you may need surgery.

What are the treatments of Radial Tunnel Syndrome?

The doctor may recommend the following: