Ankle Arthritis: Arthritis You Need To Know

What is Ankle Arthritis?

Ankle arthritis causes pain and leads to disability of the ankle joint. Unlike arthritis of other joints, such as the knee and hip joints, the most common cause of ankle arthritis is post-traumatic. Thus, fracture, dislocation, or sprain of the ankle joint are most cases of ankle arthritis. That is why these conditions lead to joint inflammation and make it difficult to walk and perform other mobile activities.

What are the causes of Ankle Arthritis?

Ankle arthritis is less common compared to knee and hip arthritis. Causes of ankle arthritis include:

What are the symptoms of Ankle Arthritis?

In ankle arthritis, you may experience the following symptoms:

How to make a diagnosis of Ankle Arthritis?

The diagnosis of ankle arthritis is made based on:

What is the prognosis of Ankle Arthritis?

Prognosis depends upon the type of arthritis you have. In most cases of arthritis, there is no cure. The treatment options help relieve the symptoms and delay the progression of the disease. If ankle arthritis does not improve with non-surgical options, surgery may be performed.

What are the treatments of Ankle Arthritis?

Your doctor can recommend the following treatments:

What are the interventional pain managements for Ankle Arthritis?

There are some interventional options:

  1. Intraarticular steroid injection: Many of these arthritis are inflammatory in nature. That is why, steroid injection will be helpful if the pain does not respond to other painkillers.
  2. Platelet Rich Plasma injection: Some arthritis are degenerative or osteoarthritis. That’s why PRP injection with or without hyaluronic acid helps in these situations.

What is the role of surgery?