About Us

It is not just the best pain management clinic in Kolkata or the best pain management hospital in Kolkata, it is the best pain clinic in the country. We received the “Best Pain Clinic” award from ISSP, the Indian chapter of IASP. We also received “Excellence in Pain Practice” by the World Institute of Pain in 3 categories for quality pain practice, research & training for the first time in the whole of Asia. Our director has authored several books on pain management for doctors.

In Bengali ‘DARADIA’ means one who is compassionate & feels others’ pain. We have the facilities of diagnosis, treatment, research & training (pain management fellowship).

We offer treatment headaches, spine pain like neck pain & back painknee paincancer pain, shoulder pain etc. due to migrainetrigeminal neuralgiaarthritisslipped discspondylosis, or neuro spine-related diseases. We use advanced procedures like, Ozone Nucleolysis,  Radio-Frequency procedures, Spinal Cord Stimulation, Endoscopic DiscectomyVertebroplasty, intrathecal pump etc. 


When was DARADIA founded?

The meaning of ‘DARADIA’ in Bengali is one who is compassionate & feels others’ pain. Daradia: The Pain Clinic1 is a pain management clinic for the treatment of patients suffering from pain, researches in pain management, training of physicians in pain management, and offering pain management fellowships to physicians. It had been founded and registered in Sept 2008 in Kolkata, India and it had been inaugurated by Commissioner of Police of Kolkata Gautam Mohan Chakraborty at that time.

It was founded by Pain Physician Dr Gautam Das2 who had vast experience in practicing pain over a decade at the time of opening this clinic. The clinic was initially established with two daycare beds at Ultadanga, Kolkata and later it had its own fully functioning pain management hospital with 12 beds in 2018. A fully functioning dedicated pain management hospital with in-patients’ beds was the first time in India that point of time.

Facilities of treatment & areas of experience

Daradia has facilities of all modern interventional pain management. Daradia offers treatment of different types headaches, spinal pain like neck pain or back pain, knee pain, cancer pain, shoulder pain, nerve pain etc. due to migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, arthritis, herniated disc , spondylosis, etc. I uses advanced procedures like, Ozone Nucleolysis, Radio-Frequency procedures (all RF procedures like conventional, bipolar, pulsed and cooled radiofrequency), spinal cord Stimulation, Endoscopic Discectomy, Epiduroscopy, Cryoablation or cryoneurolysis, Vertebroplasty, intrathecal pump, etc.

This pain clinic is the pioneer of the many treatment procedures in India and popularized those in India. The patient involves this pain clinic from everywhere the country and lots of other countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Kuwait, etc.

Facilities of Research

Facilities of training of Doctors

Daradia has trained more than a thousand pain physicians from all over the globe.

About our founder

Dr Gautam Das was an anesthesiologist and pain physician, but gradually he left anesthesia practice and have become a full-time pain physician. After more than 10 years of practice in pain management, he started Daradia Pain Clinic and began the treatment of patients, and began training physicians.


Publications of Gautam Das

Contributions Gautam Das as teacher and exeminer

Positions held

About Chief Pain Physician at Daradia

Dr Chinmoy Roy MD, FIPP is the chief pain physician and head of the department of pain management. 

Publications on pain management by Chinmoy Roy

He has total 17 publications in different national and international medical journals

Contributions in medical literature by Chinmoy Roy

He is the author and editor of several books on pain management written for doctors:

  1. Co-editor of the book named ‘How to start and run a pain clinic’ also contributor of the chapter (no 9) on “Evidence based recommendations in pain management‘’ (publisher- CBS)
  2. Co-editor of the book named ‘Clinical methods in pain medicine’ & also contributor of the chapter (no 7) on ‘evaluation of back pain’ (publisher-CBS)
  3. Author and editor of the book: MCQs in pain medicine (Publisher-CBS)

Contribution Dr Chinmoy Roy as Editor/ Reviewer in medical journals:

  1. Reviewer of ‘Journal of rehabilitation Medicine’.
  2. He is reviewer of ‘Acta Radiologica’.
  3. Reviewer of ‘Journal of clinical monitoring and computing’
  4. Ex-Associate executive editor of ‘Indian journal of pain’

Other qualifications of Dr Chinmoy Roy:

  1. 2 years of EULAR online course on Rheumatic diseases
  2. EULAR online introductory ultrasound course
  3. Associated with (attended conferences as both delegate and faculty): IMA, ISA, ISSP, IASP, WIP, NSI, IRA, IASM


About Consultant Pain Physician

Dr. Debjyoti Dutta MD, FIPP, FIPM, FIAPM is the consultant pain physician at Daradia

Publications in pain management by Dr Debjyoti Dutta

He has total 10 publications in different national and international medical journals

Experience of Dr Debjyoti Dutta


Awards received by DARADIA


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We have started One Year Pain Management Fellowship at Daradia