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Daradia: The Pain Clinic is not just the best pain management clinic in Kolkata or the best pain management hospital in Kolkata, it is the best pain clinic in India. We received the “Best Pain Clinic” award from the Indian Society for Study of Pain, the Indian chapter of IASP. We also received “Excellence in Pain Practice” by the World Institute of Pain in 3 categories for quality pain practice, research & training for the first time in the whole of Asia. Our director has authored several books on pain management for doctors.

In Bengali ‘DARADIA’ means one who is compassionate & feels others’ pain. We have the facilities of diagnosis, treatment, research & training (pain management fellowship).

Working Hours

Caring for patients, every day except Sunday


Monday-Friday09:00 – 15:00
Saturday09:00 – 13:00
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Daradia: The Pain Clinic

At our pain management clinic in Kolkata, we have the best pain management doctors dedicated and equipped with the most modern facilities for interventional pain management.

Pain Specialists
We have the best doctors for pain treatment who are authors of many medical books and articles in international medical journals

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Our doctors are skilled in different kinds of interventional pain management procedures including the most recent/ advanced ones. 

Best staffs for Pain
We have the best doctors, staff & nurses who care for our patients with back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, headaches, cancer pain, nerve pain, etc

Pain Interventions
We do the latest interventional pain management procedures like epidurals, PRP, nerve blocks, regeneration therapies, etc

Most Modern Facilities

Our clinic is equipped with the most modern interventional pain management equipment like cryoneurolysis, radiofrequency etc

Patient Care
We are transparent and give an estimate of the total cost before we go for any interventional procedure. The hospital takes care if the final bill exceeds the estimated bill. 

Our Consultants

Dr Chinmoy Roy MD, FIPP: Chief consultant pain physician, trained in rheumatology

Dr Debjyoti Dutta MD, FIPP, FIPM, FIAPM: Consultant pain physician

Dr. Subhra DasMistry MBBS, FIPM: Consultant pain physician

Dr. Sayan Manna MD, FIAPM: Consultant pain physician

Dr. Ayananshu Nayak MRCPsych, CCT(Psych): Consultant pain psychiatrist

Dr. Dipak Roy MD, CCT(Rheumatology): Consultant rheumatologist

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pain Management?

Pain management is a new super-specialty of modern medicine. Many universities or private institutes have post-graduate pain management courses or fellowships in pain management.

What is a pain management specialist or specialty?

Pain management specialist doctors are specially qualified doctors. After MBBS, they do MD or MS degrees; after that, they do courses on pain management to become a pain management specialist.

What do pain management clinics do?

Pain management clinics have facilities of modern interventional pain management techniques in their clinic. Mostly these techniques are nerve blocks, epidurals, joint injections all under the guidance of images like ultrasonography, fluoroscopy etc.

More FAQs on Pain Management- CLICK HERE

Common Painful Conditions

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The median nerve is compressed and IT causes weakness, numbness, and tingling in the hands and fingers…this is known as carpal tunnel syndrome.


Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia is known to cause the most severe pain in the face. It is electric shock-like lancinating pain lasting for few minutes.


Slipped Disc

When the jell from the disc leaks, it may produce pressure in the spinal cord or nerve roots, causing neck pain or low back pain that goes to the hands or legs.


Google Reviews

How was their experience with our pain management clinic? Here are some…

Very transparent treatment. Whole team of doctors & staffs are very good, they took long time to examine me, saw all reports, accepted all past reports; they suggested new tests which were not there and can be done from any pathology center of my choice. They clearly tell about cost of treatments after they complete examination. I went for cryoablation treatment for my back pain. I paid exactly the estimated amount, no extra cost for any excuses. We are so happy with everything. They are exceptionally good.


“Very good hospital for pain management. We are very happy with the entire team of doctors and staffs. Excellent diagnosis and treatment.”


“My father had advanced knee osteoarthritis and was advised knee replacement surgery. But he had many other critical illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases. But we could find this pain clinic and his knee pain was treated with radiofrequency. Thank u doctor.”

Najma akter Lucky

“I didn’t know the cause of my back pain. My MRI had some disc bulge, but doctors told me that was not the source of pain. They did diagnosis with some injection and then did cryoablation. I am completely pain free now. It is the best pain clinic for slipped disc treatment without surgery.”

Tarek Islam

The best pain clinic available in India. My mother was suffering from occipital neuralgia and consulted many orthopaedic and neurologists but all went in vain. It was a magic when doctor Das blocked a specific nerve and all pain vanished. She is very well and have no pain at all. This is the pain clinic with all state of the art facilities and all modern methods of pain treatment available which is at per with the advanced western countries. I wish all success to Daradia.

Subrata Das

News from Daradia-The Pain Clinic

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